12月 5, 2019

Characteristics of interactive LED screen

The interactive LED screen is an integrated device that controls the content displayed on the display panel through touch technology and realizes human-computer interaction.
12月 5, 2019

Classification of touch screen smart board

The touch screen smart board can be divided into electromagnetic induction type, infrared induction type, pressure sensing type, ultrasonic induction type, and image sensing type.
12月 5, 2019

Definition of interactive whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard can communicate with the computer by connecting the electronic whiteboard to the computer.
8月 15, 2019

What are advantages of interactive screens for education?

In recent years, in order […]
7月 15, 2019

What is touch screen interactive whiteboard?

First of all, touch screen […]
7月 15, 2019

What are the key elements for a touch screen monitor?

First of all, frankly spea […]
7月 8, 2019

How will interactive led screen be helpful to promote an event?

Many companies now have in […]
7月 2, 2019

Where can you buy the best touch screen?

Touch screen smart board, […]